About Me

Hi there, I’m George. I am an assistant professor of Kinesiology at Cal State University Monterey Bay. I live in the Monterey area, with my wonderful wife, Jeanna.

Once upon a time I was a wrestler, then a powerlifter, then a weightlifter. Ever since then, my research interests have centered on strength-power sports.  To my surprise, after ceasing my own participation in strength sports, I have found myself drawn to new sports and activities, like golf, which has been a major focus for me since mid-2013. I’m also a huge geek, which is why I love sports technology.

One important thing about me for you to know is that I love to teach, and I love to learn.  That’s one of the biggest reasons that academia and coaching is so awesome! I get to spend all of my time helping people grow and become better, and I get to grow right along with them. Every day is rewarding, new, and challenging.

That’s what this site is all about actually- it’s a place for me to try to give YOU some great information. I’m not here to waste your time with fluff or meaningless click-bait. I want to try to inform you about topics that are important with this field, and I’m also hoping to spur some challenging discussions- we all learn a TON from people who have different perspectives than we do. I’m also not a know-it-all, so if I get something not-quite-right, or there is a perspective I haven’t considered, I want to know about it!


More information

I’m pretty active on Twitter and I keep my information up to date on ResearchGate and GoogleScholar. You can also check out my CV.

A quick request

If you like what you have been reading, or it made you think, or you hate what I have to say and would like others to grumble at me too, please share my posts around and comment below the articles! It would be awesome if we can get some productive discussions going. It will also help to spread this around a bit, and maybe more people will get the benefit of reading it too. Thanks, and happy reading.