Sport and Exercise Journals List

Will Hopkins has been doing a pretty neat thing every year after Thomson Reuters releases their citation reports. He takes the time to seek out all of the major sport and exercise journals in our field, and compiles a list of all of their impact factors. This is very useful for those of us who do research, as it gives us some idea of the places we may want to cite, and a small degree … Read more

Great TED Talks: John Wooden on Success

While John Wooden has passed, he left an indelible ink on coaching. He was the head men’s basketball coach at UCLA from 1948-1975, but had a long career as both a player and teacher. He has a legacy from both his wins and his approach to coaching. This TED talk is from 2001. Here are some highlights from his talk: A direct quote of his definition of success: “Peace of mind, obtained only through self-satisfaction in … Read more

Great TED Talks: Dan Meyer

Saw this one just a few days ago, and thought it was worth a watch. Dan Meyer is a high school math teacher, with some neat ideas that probably translate pretty well to teaching within our field as well.

7th Annual Coaches and Sport Science College

This year’s Coaches and Sport Science College is December 14th and 15th, followed by the UK Strength and Conditioning accreditation on Friday (where you take care of the practical portions of your UKSCA accreditation).  On Friday and Saturday, we have a stellar lineup of speakers including: Dr. Adam SayersJohn GoodwinMeg StoneMike FavreDr. John IvyDr. Bill SandsDr. Michael Stoneand more.. (check out the full list here). You will get to hear from these speakers, as well … Read more