Sinclair Total Calculator, Updated with Online Calculator

At weightlifting meets, we usually use the Sinclair Formula to adjust performances in order to determine best lifter.  The Sinclair coefficient and formula is based off of world record performances in the previous Olympic Cycle.  The idea is that it adjusts a person’s performance using their bodyweight and the coefficient.  The number that is gotten by using the Sinclair Formula  is what the lifter would total, theoretically, if they were at the highest weight class, assuming the same … Read more

New Research: Loading the Hang High Pull Exercise

We have put together some neat studies using Tim Suchomel‘s thesis data.  One of Tim’s major research interests is the use of clean variations, and in particular, variations that don’t involve the catch (here’s a post all about ’em: clean variations without the catch). Here’s a quick video to watch so that we’re on the same page- For this paper, we examined the effect of manipulating loads on lower body kinetics. Participants did repetitions with 30%, 45%, … Read more

Golf strength and conditioning – Infographic

Golf Training Infographic Title

Sometimes, when I should probably be working on other things, I procrastinate “productively”. Here is the result of one of those times: a short infographic summing up some of the current golf research. Enjoy!  

New Research: PUSH Validity

Measuring and monitoring lift velocities is something that has been rapidly growing in popularity- for good reason. We can get all kinds of useful information from paying close attention to the bar velocities our athletes are able to create. We can use this information to direct training, to get a feel for athletes’ progress, and to assess preparedness. There are quite a few devices out there that do this. Tendo and GymAware are probably the … Read more

Some thoughts on Youth Sports Lawsuits – Volleyball

Volleyball Block

There is an interesting bit of news that is happening right now- a story recently broke about a family that is suing a Volleyball club over not their daughter not being able to switch teams. The story goes something like this- girl does extremely well at tryouts, gets recruited by multiple club teams, signs contract to play for a coach who supposedly promised her some playing time. For whatever reason, coach decides she isn’t ready … Read more