New Research: Isometric versus Regular Barbell Squats

In the last issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, we had another paper published, this one based on the isometric squat. This was based off of some separate analysis we did with Caleb Bazyler‘s thesis. You’ve probably already seen some of the stuff I’ve done with the isometric mid thigh pull (IMTP with weightlifters, IMTP with powerlifters). The IMTP is a major research interest of mine (my dissertation is centered on this … Read more

Cool Tools You Should Be Using: Google Scholar Button

Google Scholar Button

As I understand it Google Scholar is one of the most widely used research databases¬†out there. There are certainly alternatives from other companies, like Web of Science or Scopus, but I don’t think the competitors have the breadth or depth that Google Scholar has. Google itself is a web search behemoth, so it isn’t terribly surprising that when it decided to put skin in the research indexing game, it would also dominate. Yes, sport science … Read more

Adventures in R: Experiences with my Dissertation

R Logo

Well, it has now been 6 months that I have been using R “regularly”. I set out from the beginning to learn R, and since the last time I attempted it, I need to make sure that I had external reasons for needing to learn it. To do that I told myself that I wouldn’t touch any statistical software that I had used previously (SPSS, SAS, MiniTab). This put me in the position that I … Read more

Golf strength and conditioning – Infographic

Golf Training Infographic Title

Sometimes, when I should probably be working on other things, I procrastinate “productively”. Here is the result of one of those times: a short infographic summing up some of the current golf research. Enjoy!  

9 tips for getting the most out of graduate school

Ringed Notepad & Pencil

Now that I am in the home stretch of my PhD, I started reflecting on my experiences throughout. I recently saw a post on Cal Newport’s blog about some of his thoughts on grad school, so I thought I might toss my hat in the ring. Below are two sections. The first section is aimed at ideas for all graduate students, but the second section are ideas geared mostly toward PhD students in the same … Read more