The Update! Part 2

It has been a breath of fresh air here at ETSU in the Sport Science program.  I finished up my bachelor’s degree last year in a program that was mostly geared toward health and wellness.  Unfortunately, this is far from my interests, and I found myself in a place that was not an ideal fit for me.  This is not to say that my previous program isn’t up to par.  That is far from the case.  I built a solid platform of scientific understanding of the body that has paved the way for my future studies and I was lucky enough to study under some incredible professors.  I didn’t fit well simply because my interests were different.  A Sport Science degree is much better attuned to what I feel drawn to.
Here is an example of a class I am currently taking:  This class is designed completely around the scientifically-backed process of enhancing sport performance.  Yesterday we spent the class discussing the specific bioenergetic needs (what the body has to do to provide the fuel for specific performance) of various track and field events, and how to elicit specific training adaptations for those needs.  This type of discussion is what I had been yearning for throughout my undergraduate degree.  I am in a great place now.
Despite my motivation and love of the material, it is far from easy.  The demands of the program are pretty extensive.  It is pretty uncommon that I get to go home before dark. I am on campus somewhere around 7:15AM, and don’t leave until somewhere between 6-8pm.  It is busy, and stressful, and pretty hectic at times.  I love every second of it, which makes the workload significantly easier.  Speaking of which, I need to get back on it!
Stay tuned for more updates!