The Update! Part 3

As you can tell, I’ve been slacking here.  Things have been really busy, and unfortunately, this fell to the bottom of the list. I’ve been swamped with new things going on- weightlifting, weights for ETSU Women’s tennis, my thesis, and a couple of side projects I may speak on at a later date.  
My first competition was in February, where I totaled a meager 227 kilograms (92 snatch, 135 C&J).  Terrible for a super heavy-weight, but not bad for a first meet I suppose.  I competed again a couple of weeks ago in Shreveport, LA at the Collegiate National Championships.  I totaled an improved 237kg (100 snatch, 137 C&J).  I still have a lot of work to do, but it is good to see I had a 10 kilo PR in a little bit less than a month and a half.  Onward progress!
This semester I took on the venture of co-training the women’s tennis team.  One of the other master’s students and I started writing and implementing their weight program.  I’ve not been able to coach since Cal Poly, so it is nice to be able to work with a team again.  This is probably a good time to brag about their recent success at the A-Sun Conference Championship where they took first this past weekend (even if the weight training programs have probably not had a significant effect as of yet, haha).  We will be doing testing with them next week before NCAAs to see what improvements to see where they are at.
My thesis has been unfortunately slow going.  I may elucidate further on it in the future, but I can say this- venturing into a relatively un-researched field is a double edged sword: there are many research opportunities, but the literature review will be a pain!  I would rather be blazing a trail however; it is more exciting this way!
I’m going to do my best to continue updating with further posts and articles.  I will have more time this summer to do some writing, so you can expect some new articles soon!