Protein Synthesis

Yes it is late to be putting up thoughts about the coaches college, here are some thoughts I had during a presentation on PWO nutrition by Dr. John Ivy:
Being a strength-power oriented athlete and academic, I tend to think of increasing anabolism post-training as a means to cause adaptation to contractile proteins – focusing on the things that will increase strength, hypertrophy or RFD.  It would benefit me, and many others I’m sure, to remember that increasing protein synthesis is not just about contractile proteins, it is also about mitochondrial adaptations, red blood cells, capillary creation and numerous other aerobic-performance oriented adaptations, especially when it is aerobic training that is being done.  When we talk about the benefits of circa-exercise nutrition, “recovering your muscles” might be too ambiguous for some of our more knowledgeable aerobic athletes. Saying it increases protein synthesis isn’t sufficient either- so it would be important to remind them of the other protein synthesis that is going on.