A facelift for Sportscienceed.com

About a year ago, we changed over our main website to one that was hosted by Blogger.  At the time, we were using WordPress as our content management system. Problem was, it was really sluggish.  I assume that it was due to the host, but I don’t quite know.  We switched it over to Blogger, but about a month ago, I was introduced to another system called Weebly.  This is a webpage design environment that allows for really simple dragging and dropping of page elements.  Pretty cheap, but best of all, it isn’t complex. At the end of this year, I will be leaving my responsibilities to a new student.  I have no idea if there are any students with web administration experience, or if they will be in my shoes- learning as I go.  For that reason, a simple system will make life so much easier.  Plus, the new site looks pretty cool!  Go check it out: http://www.sportscienceed.com