Great TED Talks: John Wooden on Success

While John Wooden has passed, he left an indelible ink on coaching. He was the head men’s basketball coach at UCLA from 1948-1975, but had a long career as both a player and teacher. He has a legacy from both his wins and his approach to coaching. This TED talk is from 2001.

Here are some highlights from his talk:

A direct quote of his definition of success:
“Peace of mind, obtained only through self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best of which you are capable of.”

A poem that stuck with him (since the 1930’s):
“No written word,
no spoken plea,
can teach our youth what they should be,
nor all the books on all the shelves,
it is what the teachers are themselves.”

Three rules for players (and coaches; paraphrased):
1. You must never be late. And a correlary for coaches: start on time and end on time.
2. You must to be neat and clean.
3. You must never criticize a teammate.

A quote on winning and losing:
“You can lose when you outscore your opponent, and you can win when you are outscored by your opponent.”


Now just because I gave you some highlights doesn’t mean you got all of the good stuff- watch this! I promise it will be worth your while.