Why you should go to the 2014 ETSU Coaches and Sport Science College – December 5&6

Performance Testing InstructionWhile we are doing our best job to pump people up for this year’s College on the Sportscienceed website, I thought that I might try to do it a bit of justice here as well.

The Coaches and Sport Science College is an event we hold every year here at ETSU in the winter. We bring in speakers from around the country (and sometimes, around the world), to talk on subjects related to sport. The vast majority of time, it has to do with how to improve the performance of our athletes. After all, that’s where the “Coaches College” part of the title comes in.  Other times, we’ll focus on topics that are still related to sports- such as Chris Layne’s and Alicia McConnell’s talks. Regardless of the topic, there is a TON of great information that can benefit coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, sport scientists, and others.

Here is our list of speakers and the title of their presentation:

  • Clive Brewer, Title: The Use of GPS Tracking for Rugby in the UK
  • Dr. Brad DeWeese, Title: A Quadrennial Plan for the Olympic Bobsled Team – Team USA
  • Meg Stone, Title: The Education of the Elite Level Coach
  • Dr. Mike Stone, Title: Power Development in Sports
  • Dr. Satoshi Mizuguchi, Title: Weightlifting Technique (Practical Application)
  • Dr. Kimi Sato, Title: The Use of GPS Technology in Sport
  • Dr. Adam Sayers, Title: Soccer and the Use of GPS Technology. What Can It Tell Me, the Coach?
  • Jon Carlock, Title: Coaching the Elite Tactical Athlete
  • Chris Carmichael, Title: The Next Generation: Preparing Emerging Talent for the Rigors of Elite Competition
  • Chris Layne, Title: Coaching and Representing Elite Athletes.
  • Alicia McConnell, Title: Lessons Learned in Supporting Elite-Level Competitors

Coaches CollegeIt is no small task to get so many awesome people in one place- There are at least 7 people on that list who have worked extensively with Olympic/World Championship medal-winning athletes, and all of them have worked with elite level athletes at some point (or currently). Some of them have long histories of working with athletes at a high level, long before I was born (pretty amazing that some of these folks have been so successful for so long).

If this sounds like something you are interested in- check out the main informational page at: http://www.sportscienceed.com/coaches-college-2014.html

You can find information about scheduling, pricing, hotels and more.  Keep in mind that the Coaches College is right around the corner, on December 5th and 6th.

Sign up soon!


PS: If you are interested in writing a paper for the conference you can definitely do so! We publish them on the website after the meeting, and you get the opportunity to present a poster. You should definitely submit one- deadline is November 14.

More info here: http://www.sportscienceed.com/2014-guidelines.html