Sinclair Total Calculator, Updated with Online Calculator

At weightlifting meets, we usually use the Sinclair Formula to adjust performances in order to determine best lifter.  The Sinclair coefficient and formula is based off of world record performances in the previous Olympic Cycle.  The idea is that it adjusts a person’s performance using their bodyweight and the coefficient.  The number that is gotten by using the Sinclair Formula  is what the lifter would total, theoretically, if they were at the highest weight class, assuming the same level of ability. This is called the Sinclair Total. This allows us to compare multiple people in different weight classes on the same playing field. Otherwise- the heavier athlete will always have the advantage due to heavier body mass. I think one of the neatest things about the Sinclair formula is that it is modified every Olympic Cycle to match the increasing world records that are set in every weight class, for both sexes.

Below are two links.  One of the links is a has more information about the Sinclair Coefficient and how it is calculated, how it is initially derived etc.  The second link is an Excel Spreadsheet we’ve used to figure out who the best male and female lifters are for a meet.  All you have to do is plug in the Lifter’s name, weight and total, and the Sinclair Coefficient-adjusted total will calculate for you. There is also a convenient little box to search for the lifter with the highest Sinclair Total.

I hope that these are useful.

Sinclair Coefficient Explanation

Sinclair Excel Total Calculator

Online Sinclair Calculator!

If you’re just looking for a way to quickly calculate your Sinclair total, here is an excellent tool to use. It uses coefficients for the2017-2020 Olympiad. Original coding credit goes to I borrowed his code, updated the calculations to use current Sinclair coefficients, changed the styling to match my site, and checked a bunch of calculated values against the International Weightlifting Federation’s own reference tables.  Enjoy!