About Me

Hi there, I’m George. I am an assistant professor of Kinesiology at Cal State University Monterey Bay. I live in the Monterey area, with my wonderful wife, Jeanna.

Once upon a time I was a wrestler, then a powerlifter, then a weightlifter. Ever since then, my research interests have centered on strength-power sports.  To my surprise, after ceasing my own participation in strength sports, I have found myself drawn to new sports and activities, like golf, which has been a major focus for me since mid-2013. I’m also a huge geek, which is why I love sports technology.

One important thing about me for you to know is that I love to teach, and I love to learn.  That’s one of the biggest reasons that academia and coaching is so awesome! I get to spend all of my time helping people grow and become better, and I get to grow right along with them. Every day is rewarding, new, and challenging.

More information

I’m pretty active on Twitter and I keep my information up to date on ResearchGate and GoogleScholar. You can contact me via Twitter, or via the Contact Page.