The Physical Characteristics of High Level Golfers

Nowadays, golf is a different game. Once upon a time, (relatively) unathletic golfers were the norm. High level golf was rife with “golfers” but not necessarily athletes. There are still a few holdouts from the old school, but we see that the golfers that are obvious athletes- the Tiger Woods, the Rory McIlroys, the Jordan Spieths – are rising to the top. The golf research that exists out there is still not as plentiful as … Read more

Nature versus Nurture- the pendulum swings

I can’t figure out why people are so polarized on the nature vs nurture argument within sports. On one hand, you have your Eric Ericsson/10,000 hour side (and most recently, it has been Malcolm Gladwell touting this concept in Outliers). On the other hand, I have heard it argued that all you need is great genetics and you’re set (admittedly, I’m simplifying the Sports Gene, but you get the idea). The fact of the matter is that … Read more

Why you should go to the 2014 ETSU Coaches and Sport Science College – December 5&6

While we are doing our best job to pump people up for this year’s College on the Sportscienceed website, I thought that I might try to do it a bit of justice here as well. The Coaches and Sport Science College is an event we hold every year here at ETSU in the winter. We bring in speakers from around the country (and sometimes, around the world), to talk on subjects related to sport. The vast majority of … Read more

Athlete Monitoring via Google Forms – Part 2 – Variables

Note: This is a continuation of information from part 1 (read it first if you haven’t yet). We have had a very successful run of using Google Forms for athlete monitoring so far. The total fill-out time seems to run about 2 minutes, not including quiet sitting for some of stuff we test. We are also able to get some fairly useful information out of it that has helped us to stay on top of how … Read more

Quantify Your Workouts With Session RPE

PUSH asked me to write for their blog again. Instead of writing about Technology in Strength and Conditioning, this go-around I wrote about how you might use session RPE to help quantify the work and training load for athletes.  Most coaches don’t have the luxury of heart rate monitors, or Catapult, so a simple system you can use to collect all of your data can go a long way! You can check out the blog post … Read more