Why you should go to the 2014 ETSU Coaches and Sport Science College – December 5&6

While we are doing our best job to pump people up for this year’s College on the Sportscienceed website, I thought that I might try to do it a bit of justice here as well. The Coaches and Sport Science College is an event we hold every year here at ETSU in the winter. We bring in speakers from around the country (and sometimes, around the world), to talk on subjects related to sport. The vast majority of … Read more

No Victoria, the study didn’t “prove” anything

Don’t get me wrong, I love the “cult of science” that has become so popular. There are tons of people that are gaining a new appreciation of science as a field. The popularity of the revamp of Cosmos, or the gigantic layperson backlash against anti-vaxxers is a great thing. What I am leery of is the statement and the layperson perception that various things have been deemed “proven” by scientists (Note: I’m not sure that this perception is anything … Read more

First Publication!

I just recently got my first journal article published in the Journal of Trainology (trainology.org).  It is based off of data from my thesis.  Check it out here: Click Here

Protein Synthesis

Yes it is late to be putting up thoughts about the coaches college, here are some thoughts I had during a presentation on PWO nutrition by Dr. John Ivy: Being a strength-power oriented athlete and academic, I tend to think of increasing anabolism post-training as a means to cause adaptation to contractile proteins – focusing on the things that will increase strength, hypertrophy or RFD.  It would benefit me, and many others I’m sure, to … Read more