How to Choose a Training Method

Clipboard and Pen

Ultimately, there are going to be thousands of ways and thousands of methods that you could possibly choose to use with your athletes. If you narrow the potential methods and combinations of methods that work, we are probably down to the hundreds, and if you narrow the methods down to those that work, that are appropriate for your athlete, and the ones that are truly feasible for your situation, then you’re probably down to tens … Read more

Sports Performance Measurements – Which data matter?

Computer for data collection

I love that we are collecting more data than ever before. There are new devices and technologies all of the time aiming to help us better understand training and performance. We have everything from the low end, like the Jawbone and Fitbit, all the way up to the high end, research-grade equipment. This means we have access to more sports performance measurements, more environments and more sports than ever before. There are also more people than … Read more

You Set Out to Actually Improve Sports Performance- Did You?

Weightlifting Bar, hand, chalk, shoe closeup

We wouldn’t train if we couldn’t improve. Our athletes would never suffer through the tasks we put them through if they weren’t sure that the training was effective to actually improve sports performance. In some aspects of performance improvement, it is really easy to measure how we are progressing. The “inches, kilos, seconds” sports provide a really easy way with which to measure how performance changes over time. Did I put the shot farther in this competition … Read more

Athlete Monitoring via Google Forms – Part 2 – Variables

Note: This is a continuation of information from part 1 (read it first if you haven’t yet). We have had a very successful run of using Google Forms for athlete monitoring so far. The total fill-out time seems to run about 2 minutes, not including quiet sitting for some of stuff we test. We are also able to get some fairly useful information out of it that has helped us to stay on top of how … Read more

Quantify Your Workouts With Session RPE

PUSH asked me to write for their blog again. Instead of writing about Technology in Strength and Conditioning, this go-around I wrote about how you might use session RPE to help quantify the work and training load for athletes.  Most coaches don’t have the luxury of heart rate monitors, or Catapult, so a simple system you can use to collect all of your data can go a long way! You can check out the blog post … Read more