Training recommendations for developing a golfer

In Fall 2015, when I started here at CSUMB, I started working with the new Women’s Golf Coach, James Earle, to develop and run their strength and conditioning programming. Since then, the team has trained religiously in the weight room 2-3 times per week. We have had growing success, which has led to a few folks wondering what we are up to. After one tournament, another coach remarked that they were one of the most … Read more

Golf strength and conditioning – Infographic

Golf Training Infographic Title

Sometimes, when I should probably be working on other things, I procrastinate “productively”. Here is the result of one of those times: a short infographic summing up some of the current golf research. Enjoy!  

The Physical Characteristics of High Level Golfers

Nowadays, golf is a different game. Once upon a time, (relatively) unathletic golfers were the norm. High level golf was rife with “golfers” but not necessarily athletes. There are still a few holdouts from the old school, but we see that the golfers that are obvious athletes- the Tiger Woods, the Rory McIlroys, the Jordan Spieths – are rising to the top. The golf research that exists out there is still not as plentiful as … Read more