Strength and Conditioning Ethics

Something I think we can universally agree upon is that one of the foremost obligations we have as strength and conditioning coaches is to give our athletes the training that is most optimal for their needs. We are ethically obligated to give them effective, efficient, safe programs that are based on the best and most recent scientific evidence available. I doubt there is little controversy among coaches and sport scientists that this is the case. … Read more

Focus on the Basics – aka KISS

ACSM Position Stand Title

In my strength and conditioning class today, my students worked through the ACSM Position Stand “Progression Models in Resistance Training for Healthy Adults“. A major concept to take home from that paper, and something I try to emphasize in the class, is that the basics are important. The basics are what the biggest part of your progress is going to come from. The basics should be the vast majority of the training that you or your … Read more

On Lofty Language

I’m a sucker for five-dollar-words. Sometimes the monstrous, multi-syllabic words just roll right off the tongue and fight perfectly into what it is that you want to say. In scientific writing, and scientific speech, those extremely specific words often do a great job of making what you are saying very, very clear. The problem is that there is a correct and an incorrect time to use certain types of language. When I am talking to … Read more

The Update- Part 4

It’s been about a month since my last post, which admittedly is far too long. Instead of the usual fare, I thought it was a good time to give a quick update as to where I am, and where I am headed. To sum it up- I am finished with my PhD. I received the official notice of the acceptance of my dissertation by the graduate school. It’s funny, the big steps in the end … Read more

Sinclair Total Calculator, Updated with Online Calculator

At weightlifting meets, we usually use the Sinclair Formula to adjust performances in order to determine best lifter.  The Sinclair coefficient and formula is based off of world record performances in the previous Olympic Cycle.  The idea is that it adjusts a person’s performance using their bodyweight and the coefficient.  The number that is gotten by using the Sinclair Formula  is what the lifter would total, theoretically, if they were at the highest weight class, assuming the same … Read more